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Wearing Purple

Today you may have notice a lot of purple going on. Here is why. Also here.  With out going into to much detail. I know what it’s like, I been there . Today I stayed home sick from school so I didn’t get to see in the real world. But I saw a lot of it in SL.

And here is my support

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Big coat, big bag

Thank you to Rob1977 Moonites of FIR & MNA and myvegancookbook Bolissima of Adjunct for providing items for this blog.

The jacket worn is the newest from FIR & MNA. It’s one of my favorite jackets from them. The bag is also new, it comes from LeLutka, designed by Azufr3 Catteneo best known for his tongue rolling skills.

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MHOH4 1-30

The Make Him Over Hunt also know as MHOH is on again with their fourth cycle. I have done all of them but never brought myself to blog it. But this time I am. Every 30 stops I will blog a look using some of my favorite prizes. I am doing this for two reasons, the first is, so you see the good quility items the hunt has. Two, it’s a way for me to go though the trash and throw it away.

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The Boy Next Door

Adjunct has new hoodies. I am pretty sure I had a hoodie like this in real life. I miss it *cries*

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Live Your Life (remixed)

Out with the old, in with the new. Before Gabieglam, I used to blog on Blogger. Needless to say I like WordPress much better. So I will be no longer blogging on Wonderings of Gabe Bookmite. As a good bye I will be remixing some of my favorite looks from WoGB. Today I remixed Live Your Life

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The Nerd

High school stereotypes are something we are all accustom to. We see it the media, the books we read and event in the music. When I was in high school I have always found it interesting to watch the different groups of stereotypes around me. Now, I am a first year college student and the same is true. This week we will be looking at school stereotypes..


Today we have the Nerd. Not is thick glasses, his bow tie and his suspenders. His skin is pale from staying inside playing computer games and studying.


Skin: Ugly Duck – Gabriel (light brows)
ETD Roxie – Ebony

Shirt: Emery – Shirt Checked B&W
CheerNo.Brokeback JeansShort
Pig Simple Orange Suspenders – Jacket Layer

Glasses: YV : LE.LOOK! l’homme – Glasses (LE.LOOK gift)
Adjunct – Bow Tie – Orange/Nav Stripe
Emery – Socks Orchid Club v2 #Black
Shoes: *
Kookie* Snugs – Dirty Ash