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Old Cerise things remixed

So, this blog does three things. The first is, Luna’s color channeling I am on cerise right now and have 11 more colors to go before I catch up. The other thing is it also kinda half assedly completes the “Something Old” Challenge posted by Achariya.

The very last thing is does is this, before Gabie Glam I and a blog over on Blogspot called “The Wonderings of Gabe Bookmite” Sooner or later I am going to remix a few of my favorite styles from there and post them here. On September 2nd I did a look called “The Prince“, this look is/was important due to the fact that this was the first time I was invited to show case my style in a Magazine. While the Magazine is no longer, I still love this look

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The Classic

Today’s look is inspired by Janelle Monae. She is an amazing singer and I am in love with her style, here is my twist of her look.

The look is mostly black and white but I added red with the pants, the bow tie and the glasses.

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it’s a cold world

Miamai now had hair out for guys. I use two of the three I was sent for this blog.

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Grey, Gray

Luna Jubilee is doing this 52 Weeks of Color blog challenge.   This weeks color is Grey(gray).


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What’s your fix? Blog challenge

Today I am doing a blog challenge that the lovely miss Strawberry Singh has offered.  This week the challenge was to blog about one of our fixes. Or in other words, something we can’t live without.  Now it may seem cliche and an easy answer to take when you are a blogger. But fashion is my fix.

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