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Chic Style

As many of you may or may not know, I am a newbie model. I recently took part in a casting for an agency where we had to dress Chic. While I didn’t make it into the agency i’d still like to share my outfit because I am rather proud of it.

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He walks the streets one11

Before I start. I would like to thank the staff and designers who took part of the one11event. For those you don’t know, one11 is a fashion event. A landmark can be found here —–> I is a landmark. Here are a few things I love.

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FLF for the guys

It’s FLF time again and this week there are a few goodies.

This week FIR & MNA has a coat. It’s a very nice coat that comes in a girls size for the ladies out there. I paired it with a scarf from Surf.Co. While her vendor picture only has a girl on it these fit well on a male shape. HOPEFULLY with winter coming up we can get more scarfs.

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He’s Da ba dee da ba di

It’s time again for LUNA’S COLOR CHALLENGE! This time the color is BLUE

Da ba dee da ba di

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He’s not a christiaaaaan!

Once again it’s time for another one of Berry’s blog challenge. Today she asked us “What do you believe in?”. She said it doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual. But mine is.

While I will give credits to the thing I used in the picture above this is less of a fashion post and more of my views on things.

<Oh no what is  Gabe Going to say>

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Grey, Gray

Luna Jubilee is doing this 52 Weeks of Color blog challenge.   This weeks color is Grey(gray).


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What’s your fix? Blog challenge

Today I am doing a blog challenge that the lovely miss Strawberry Singh has offered.  This week the challenge was to blog about one of our fixes. Or in other words, something we can’t live without.  Now it may seem cliche and an easy answer to take when you are a blogger. But fashion is my fix.

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