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Omo People

This is the second blog for Culture Shock. The items come from Lazy Bum.

The item is called Omo People, it comes with one face paint and one head dress. Both of these options are donation items.

Other Credits:

Eyes:  Exodi ~  Zbilja Eyes

Skin:DNA ~ CJ TYPE 3 HAIR Shaved



Yep, I am still doing Luna’s color challenge. Right now I am on Silver.

For this look I channeled my inner Kanye West. It has to do with the glasses. I doubt Mr.West has glasses like these but I feel he would.

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Plum, it’s a fruit, a name of someone in the boardgame  Clue, and it’s a color.  It’s also one of the colors Luna challenged us with.

I had a few items named “Plum” in my inventory and because I didn’t want to go too crazy and where all plum I picked three items. The first would be this coat from Fir & Mna. If you read my first and only Friday Favorites you know I am a huge fan of their store. The shirt vest combo was also named Plum, which I find kinda amazing. To me it’s more of a pink than a plum, but hey what ever. The last “Plum” item would be the eyes.

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The Classic

Today’s look is inspired by Janelle Monae. She is an amazing singer and I am in love with her style, here is my twist of her look.

The look is mostly black and white but I added red with the pants, the bow tie and the glasses.

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The New DNA skins

DNA released two new skins. They each go for 1450 $L per face option. When I went to the sim to check on prices I did not see a fatpack option.


The first skin is DNA’s new Cj skin. I am really glad I got this skin as a review. I always wanted to buy a black skin but never brought myself to do it.

Like all of the DNA skins I never got to review, they come in three tones. The skin is smooth with no body hair and a nice backside. The skin also comes in ten different face options

The options are mainly different kinds of facial hair. However there is an eyeliner option for those ego kids out there. One thing I love about the skin is the lips. They look nice and think and juice.

The other new skin is the Brady skin. It’s a lighter skin with less muscle detail than the CJ skin.

Again, it comes in three different tones. My favorite one is the pale one. Like the CJ skin Brady also comes in ten different face options.

I don’t know if he was trying to do this, but the face looks very Hispanic around the eyes. I love the face on these skins on my shape. It gives the eyes a bit of sadness.

Other credits:

Eyes: MADesigns ~INDIVIDUAL ~ iceman

Poses:  Exposeur

In the night

The owners of DNA were nice enough to send me review packs of their two newer skin lines. I meant to blog them sooner but I was having computer issues. But lucky I have them it all fixed. Here is my review of the Axel and the Damien lines.

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He’s a rocker

Huge thank you to the owners of DNA for sending me a skin to review.

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MHOH4 1-30

The Make Him Over Hunt also know as MHOH is on again with their fourth cycle. I have done all of them but never brought myself to blog it. But this time I am. Every 30 stops I will blog a look using some of my favorite prizes. I am doing this for two reasons, the first is, so you see the good quility items the hunt has. Two, it’s a way for me to go though the trash and throw it away.

<Credits and more bellow>

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