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So you want to be a Ginger

In secondlife, I have been every natural hair color. From brown, to black and blonde.  A few months ago, I made up mind and chose to give Ginger a go. Lucky, for those who also wish to go ginger, There are many skin stores that offer Ginger skins for men. Here are a few.

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It’s that time again for another blog challenge from Miss Berry. This week we had to share a childhood Anecdote. I had to google the word Anecdote. It means an amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. So here we go. Here is a story about why I am know to say “I’m Pretty”

<oh no>

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Keeping Warm

Huge thank you to naith Smit of NSD for sending me that Jackets and the scarf used in this blog.  With winter coming everyone could use a good jacket.

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