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Old Cerise things remixed

So, this blog does three things. The first is, Luna’s color channeling I am on cerise right now and have 11 more colors to go before I catch up. The other thing is it also kinda half assedly completes the “Something Old” Challenge posted by Achariya.

The very last thing is does is this, before Gabie Glam I and a blog over on Blogspot called “The Wonderings of Gabe Bookmite” Sooner or later I am going to remix a few of my favorite styles from there and post them here. On September 2nd I did a look called “The Prince“, this look is/was important due to the fact that this was the first time I was invited to show case my style in a Magazine. While the Magazine is no longer, I still love this look

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The Evolution of Gabe Bookmite

I have not always been this pretty blonde boy you see sometimes on this blog. In fact, it took a while to get my shape and style to where it is today. Over my two years of SL I have changed my “official” look many times. Now when I mean Official I mean the skin, eyes, hair I put on after I play dress up.  I thought it would be fun to show you past Gabes, show you where I started and where I am now. Sadly though, this will not include shapes. I at one point deleted all old copies of my shape. However you will get to see the skin, eyes and hair of past Gabes

I start the post with this look above. I joined SL summer of 2008 but did not become active in it until fall 2008. Around that time I had a job and was working. Around this time I discovered that you could hook up your credit card to your secondlife accout. I bought some lindens and when crazy. The first ever skin I bought came from SOUL ( now called Unique) The skin I bought was called Apolo, I remember getting it because at first I wanted Gabe to look GOTH. The eyes I used for this look also came from SOUL. They were include in the fatpack of skins. I paired this up with the Rox hair from Action. I bought the fatpack of the hair so the color changed.

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The Nerd

High school stereotypes are something we are all accustom to. We see it the media, the books we read and event in the music. When I was in high school I have always found it interesting to watch the different groups of stereotypes around me. Now, I am a first year college student and the same is true. This week we will be looking at school stereotypes..


Today we have the Nerd. Not is thick glasses, his bow tie and his suspenders. His skin is pale from staying inside playing computer games and studying.


Skin: Ugly Duck – Gabriel (light brows)
ETD Roxie – Ebony

Shirt: Emery – Shirt Checked B&W
CheerNo.Brokeback JeansShort
Pig Simple Orange Suspenders – Jacket Layer

Glasses: YV : LE.LOOK! l’homme – Glasses (LE.LOOK gift)
Adjunct – Bow Tie – Orange/Nav Stripe
Emery – Socks Orchid Club v2 #Black
Shoes: *
Kookie* Snugs – Dirty Ash