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He wants to be a goat

Siren Productions, the people  who did Menswear Fashion Week, have a new Event called Men’s 24.  Men’s 24 is a week long event where 24 top male designers come together and fill a sim of male designs. This event has 4 hair designers, 4 skin designers and 4 accessory designers taking part. The event starts August 19th and end the 27th

The outfit comes from one the the designers taking part of Men’s 24. This outfit from A:S:S is a sexy twist on a classic formal men’s look. Instead of a jacket, a leather corset finishes the look. Due to the fact that Men’s 24 does not open 19th of this month, I can’t link to the event.

Hair:Shag ~  Rebel – Black

Hairbase:AITUI ~ Etched Hair Base – Egypt – 003 – Black

Eyes:Exodi ~Look Into My ~ Northstar

Skin: Tableau Vivant ~ Vincent

Nails: Love Soul ~ Mens Checker

Makeup: Tableau Vivant ~ Light&Shadows~ Plum Geisha

Beard:  Nanuk ~ birk beard black

Outfit: A:S:S ~ Glamour mob – limited ed. for Mens 24

Shoulder piece: Glam Affair ~Miu Shirt Plumes shoulder

Horns:Illusions ~ Nivicola Horns

Boots: hoorenbeek ~ Mullingar ~ Black

All poses by Del May

Going to Dallas.

CheerNo is at it again with a new skin. Move over Brent and Reese, there is a new cowboy in town and his name is Dallas.

Dallas is a super sexy skin with a nice body and dramatic face that CheerNo is know for. The torso is super sexy and comes with a hint of shine to it which makes the skin look lickable. All and all this is a quility skin for 880 Linden (per tone).

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He’s a Rebel

I have always oddly been attracted to smokers. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the sucking and blowing thing. But when I see a hot guy with a ciggerette hanging from his lips, it’s over. Like pants off grabbing at the guy over.

Now that I either freaked out out, or turned you on lets get to the blog. Yes It’s one of Luna’s Color challenges. Green this time. In the yellow post remember how I said that in my mind Gingers and Hippies go hand and hand. Well the same thing goes with the color Green.

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Prince In His Own Mind

I got new long hair. It is makes me look pretty. I am a princess. I talk like this now.

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it’s a cold world

Miamai now had hair out for guys. I use two of the three I was sent for this blog.

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He’s Da ba dee da ba di

It’s time again for LUNA’S COLOR CHALLENGE! This time the color is BLUE

Da ba dee da ba di

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He’s a rocker

Huge thank you to the owners of DNA for sending me a skin to review.

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Deadly Games

If you follow my plurk, you know I have been looking for a Day of The Dead skull sort of facepaint for a halloween costume this year. WELL Thanks to Miasnow, I don’t have to look no more!

<Skin review and credits down bellow>

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Big coat, big bag

Thank you to Rob1977 Moonites of FIR & MNA and myvegancookbook Bolissima of Adjunct for providing items for this blog.

The jacket worn is the newest from FIR & MNA. It’s one of my favorite jackets from them. The bag is also new, it comes from LeLutka, designed by Azufr3 Catteneo best known for his tongue rolling skills.

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Fifty Linden Friday Men’s stuff

Everyone knows what Fifty Linden Friday is right? For those who don’t, it’s when stores put out items in their store every Friday for Fifty linden. Normally, I don’t go it because often you find only items for the girls or furniture. But this week, there are a few men’s items. Here is what I found. Hope you enjoy.

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