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Earth Child

One of the reasons I like social networks like Plurk is because it is a quick and easy way to share new store. Till Hapmouche, one of the Slipters plurked this photo *click me* day after I bought the same pants from a store I would have never heard of if it wasn’t for him. I am also going to cheat and say since this the pants are red that it counts as a color challenge.

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FLF Quicky

It’s Friday meaning it’s FLF time. There are only two store offering unisex items this week. Whippet & Buck and Doppelganger.

Whippet & Buck is the most impressive out of the two. For the price of 50L you get three tops (I am wearing one above) and a pair of dress pants. What is also cool about this offering is, The pack is called “FLF Unisex Umber Pack”. The reason that this is cool is because next weeks Luna color is Umber.

The other item are the jeans from Doppelganger. The jeans come in four colors. However it is 50L per color. For that price you do get all the layers and sculpted cuffs.

To be honest, for the guys. I would just stop at Whippet & Buck and call it good. Unless you need jeans.

Other Credits:

Hair: Shag ~ Boys Don’t Cry (v.2) – Black

Eyes: kermes ~ Cosmo Eyes – dark green

Skin: Kento ~ Cherish_T3 – Pure freckles

Vest: Curiosity~  vest (store no longer around)

Shoes: Reek ~ Swell Sneaks



You know what kinda annoys me? When people go “Ew why are you wearing a sweater, it’s spring” I’ll tell you why Mr/Ms nosie. It’s cold still. I know understand where winter ends and spring starts. I never got how people figured that out. So what a little animal saw it’s shadow and that means spring is over? I call bull shit. BUUULLL SHIT.

This morning when I was getting ready do go to school I put on normal hoodie, it’s pretty thick and keeps me warm, kinda. I take the bus to school and on my way to the bust stop the wind started kicking in. I thought to myself “Gee, I have to wait for almost an hour for this bus, wait for the metro (a metro is kinda like a subway) and wait for another bus. I better go put something warm on.” So I did I ran home, run up stairs (almost tripped) and grabbed a sweater and put it on. MmM Warmth. But BUT when it took off my hoodie in my class some annoying thing. This thing that is always warm gave me a look and said in a snooty voice “Eeer, Why are you wearing a sweater?!” Because it’s cold!

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I shared this on plurk but I don’t think I ever blogged it. But when you change your skin, hair and build an avatar different than your normal look, do you give that avatar a name? I do. I thought instead of doing normal look of the day looks I will show off some of my alter egos as well. Here is the newest, Axel.

Axel is my little punk/goth avatar. Normally I never wear piercings because they tend to look awkward on my avatar. But on Axel they look kinda good.

<WTF Alter egos this BEEEEP is crazy>


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Baby it’s cold outside

Winter is just around the corner which means more clothing and colder weather. Some people have snow already (lucky people). He is a more winter look for you. Now SLink, the store know for making prim body parts, just released prim teeth. At L$ 250 they are worth the price even if you just use them for pictures. Now what I like about the SLink Teeth is that she gave you the alpha texture so if you have to you can add it to an already existing alpha layer.

Oh Josh skin from Kento how I love thee. If I wasn’t trying to have a modeling career in SL I would wear thee for ever. But alas it’s not ment to be. To add a “I been outside and can’t feel my face” look, I also am using 2.0 layer from L.Fauna called Ruddy Nose. It adds a SLIGHT pinkness to the nose.

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Remember Childhood.

CheerNo released a new winter line and I was lucky enough to be able to blog three of the outfits in the new line.

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The Dressing Room 13

If you do not know what “The Dressing Room” is, it’s a mini “store” where designers put out items for cheap. Normally, they have many female items including skins and clothing. But this time around there are a few unisexed items.

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Fifty Linden Friday 60

It’s the time of the week again! Fifty Linden Friday. Like last week, there are a few good male items for the men. Here is what I found.

The look above is made up of three items from FLF. The first being the hair from Tiny Bird. It’s a normal hat with hair. The hat can be changed into ten different textures. You get the hair in three different shades of black. I also bought this hair in blonde 200L for the color pack . The pants come from Doppleganger, they are just normal corduroy pants coming in both the underpant and pant layer with sculpted prims which I did not use. The third item cannot be seen in this picture.

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You are a pirate

Yar – har – fiddle-dee-dee You are a Pirate

….. Or a stripper.

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Fifty Linden Friday Men’s stuff

Everyone knows what Fifty Linden Friday is right? For those who don’t, it’s when stores put out items in their store every Friday for Fifty linden. Normally, I don’t go it because often you find only items for the girls or furniture. But this week, there are a few men’s items. Here is what I found. Hope you enjoy.

<credits Bellow>

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