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it’s a cold world

Miamai now had hair out for guys. I use two of the three I was sent for this blog.

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Keeping Warm

Huge thank you to naith Smit of NSD for sending me that Jackets and the scarf used in this blog.  With winter coming everyone could use a good jacket.

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Hair Fair: Shag and MADesigns

Hair fair 2010 in underway, and just like shoe fair, I will be bring you some male items that are out. Today we are looking at styles from two stores. These are not the only two out there, they are two of my favorite brands.

First we have Shag. I discovered Shag during Hair Fair 2009, which I think everyone did. After that fair they opened their main store. I offend visit there to take pictures. The outside is stunning it you haven’t looked. In the picture from left to right we have Boys Don’t Cry, Boys Don’t Cry (v.2) and Animal Nitrate – all in a blonde color. While I like the Animal Nitrate  the Boys Don’t Cry 1&2 are my favorite. The hat AND the band can be texture changed into five different options for the hat and four for the band.

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