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I shared this on plurk but I don’t think I ever blogged it. But when you change your skin, hair and build an avatar different than your normal look, do you give that avatar a name? I do. I thought instead of doing normal look of the day looks I will show off some of my alter egos as well. Here is the newest, Axel.

Axel is my little punk/goth avatar. Normally I never wear piercings because they tend to look awkward on my avatar. But on Axel they look kinda good.

<WTF Alter egos this BEEEEP is crazy>


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In the night

The owners of DNA were nice enough to send me review packs of their two newer skin lines. I meant to blog them sooner but I was having computer issues. But lucky I have them it all fixed. Here is my review of the Axel and the Damien lines.

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Baby it’s cold outside

Winter is just around the corner which means more clothing and colder weather. Some people have snow already (lucky people). He is a more winter look for you. Now SLink, the store know for making prim body parts, just released prim teeth. At L$ 250 they are worth the price even if you just use them for pictures. Now what I like about the SLink Teeth is that she gave you the alpha texture so if you have to you can add it to an already existing alpha layer.

Oh Josh skin from Kento how I love thee. If I wasn’t trying to have a modeling career in SL I would wear thee for ever. But alas it’s not ment to be. To add a “I been outside and can’t feel my face” look, I also am using 2.0 layer from L.Fauna called Ruddy Nose. It adds a SLIGHT pinkness to the nose.

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He’s Da ba dee da ba di

It’s time again for LUNA’S COLOR CHALLENGE! This time the color is BLUE

Da ba dee da ba di

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Egoism is a oldish store that really gets no blog cover. While most people may know them for their ties to Gor, they have some nice wearable items, skins and shoes.

The shirt in the picture comes from Egoism. What is cool about the shirt is that it comes with five different collar options.

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Remember Childhood.

CheerNo released a new winter line and I was lucky enough to be able to blog three of the outfits in the new line.

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Autumn Breeze

I make a good red head no?

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Deadly Games

If you follow my plurk, you know I have been looking for a Day of The Dead skull sort of facepaint for a halloween costume this year. WELL Thanks to Miasnow, I don’t have to look no more!

<Skin review and credits down bellow>

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Color Rock

Today I logged on to a review copy from Oompa, I was soo happy I got it because it was right up my Alley. Bright colors and bad ass graphics.

I need to leave my house when I take my pictures

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Urban Lace

Before I get started, I would like to blame Gasolinealex Serevi for making my skin whore itch. Because of him and his blog I bought the skin I used in the look bellow and I love it. I hate you. ❤

<There is more bellow>

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