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It’s that time again for another blog challenge from Miss Berry. This week we had to share a childhood Anecdote. I had to google the word Anecdote. It means an amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. So here we go. Here is a story about why I am know to say “I’m Pretty”

<oh no>

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it’s a cold world

Miamai now had hair out for guys. I use two of the three I was sent for this blog.

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Street Glam

The owners of Miamai were  nice enough to send me a blog review pack. Their stuff is very dark, very gothic and very glam. I was kicking myself for not getting this done by Halloween. So instead of trying to make a costume look I added a some more everyday wear. Like my husband Garrett said. It looks all glam at the top and rustic down bellow.

What do you think?

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The Dressing Room 13

If you do not know what “The Dressing Room” is, it’s a mini “store” where designers put out items for cheap. Normally, they have many female items including skins and clothing. But this time around there are a few unisexed items.

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The Boy Next Door

Adjunct has new hoodies. I am pretty sure I had a hoodie like this in real life. I miss it *cries*

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Urban Lace

Before I get started, I would like to blame Gasolinealex Serevi for making my skin whore itch. Because of him and his blog I bought the skin I used in the look bellow and I love it. I hate you. ❤

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