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Life is….

As much as I like wearing corsets, heels and wild looking outfits, sometimes you have to dull it down and wear more casual clothing. That’s what I did for this look. It’s more of an everyday look with a bright colored hair

As you may have noticed, I changed the style of my blog. Instead of a credit sheet, I am writing what I wear in paragraph form. For those who like to skim blogs, the store names and the name of the items will be in bold.

A few days ago I came across a store called Pivaaca. I have never heard of this brand or been to their store before. This is funny due to the fact that my husband, Garrett, wears things from there all the time. In this look I am wearing Long Bolero/Cardigan in teal and one of their Printing Cut ‘n Sew #2. Out of all the shirts I got there, this is my favorite. Life is beautiful sometimes.

To keep a more causal relaxed look, I went with 1977 Jeans in a  Dark Wash from one of my favorite stores FIR & MNA  and the classic yet still amazing PornStar Lo-Tops from UBU. These shoes are old but I still love the.

The skin I am wearing is called Vincent in the December Shade from Tableau Vivant. Northstar from Exodi and a beard from Nanuk.  The hair is from Magika it’s called Sofia. I bough the hair in the black ad white pack, but I edit the color. To get the same look wear the 2nd lightest tone than tint you’re hair using the edit menu.

All poses by Long Awkward Poses


Plum, it’s a fruit, a name of someone in the boardgame  Clue, and it’s a color.  It’s also one of the colors Luna challenged us with.

I had a few items named “Plum” in my inventory and because I didn’t want to go too crazy and where all plum I picked three items. The first would be this coat from Fir & Mna. If you read my first and only Friday Favorites you know I am a huge fan of their store. The shirt vest combo was also named Plum, which I find kinda amazing. To me it’s more of a pink than a plum, but hey what ever. The last “Plum” item would be the eyes.

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Wearing Purple

Today you may have notice a lot of purple going on. Here is why. Also here.  With out going into to much detail. I know what it’s like, I been there . Today I stayed home sick from school so I didn’t get to see in the real world. But I saw a lot of it in SL.

And here is my support

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Fifty Linden Friday Men’s stuff

Everyone knows what Fifty Linden Friday is right? For those who don’t, it’s when stores put out items in their store every Friday for Fifty linden. Normally, I don’t go it because often you find only items for the girls or furniture. But this week, there are a few men’s items. Here is what I found. Hope you enjoy.

<credits Bellow>

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Alex and The Pig

This look is base off of a picture in the classing book Alice In Wonderland. I will link the picture near the bottom of the post as well as the credits :3

Skin: *Zanzo* Narcissus ~ Athens (Freckles + Lt. Eyeliner, hair)
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Blue)(Sm)(Veins)
Hair: >TRUTH<>

Shirt: sfd poets shirt
Pants: i love 13: “Pierrot” outfit (royal) (bunker)

Suspenders: Emery – Suspender #Sailor
Stripped Leggins:
Ducknipple Leggies – b/w
Nails: [ Love Soul ] Nail*Mens-Checker*
Pig: V New Pig(Pink)(attach)*Choice2009Win Limited*
Shoes :PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

I’m A Teddy Bear

I’m a Teddy Bear :3

Skin: *Zanzo* Narcissus ~ Athens (Freckles + Lt. Eyeliner, hair)
Eyes: :: Exodi :: Vetro Eyes (Blue)(Sm)(Veins)
Hair: .:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Max (size 2) – Chocolate (For Hood)

Teddy Hoodie: El’n – Teddy Uniform
Shirt: ~momo~free hugs tee gray 1
Pants: !ZB: Rockstar Pants (Neon)
Boxers: !G! Bonus Boxers 1

Cotton Candy: CheerNo Montage – Montage / Cotton Candy [mouth]
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

The Scremo Kid

Before Lady Gaga was singing Ra-Ra-Ra-Ah-Ah. There was scremo, a more violent form of emo music. Instead of Ra-Ra-Raing, the lead “singer” would just scream. This took hold of an plain old emo kind and turned him into something…. Dark, a Scremo kid.

Unlike the mind manner emo kid. Scremo’s have thicker make up making them look almost like raccoons. Add in a odd fixation with death and blood and then you are done >

Skin: &Bean – Closer Pale Panda
Eyes: Aitui – Mirage Eyes – Crystal Shores – Veins
Hair: Aitui – Hair – My Agenda – Mullato

Shirt: fourARSENIC – Torn Again
Jeans: EQUILIBRIUM Prime – EQ – preto

Face piercings: – .HoD. – Flush (w/Shadows) – Male – Silver
Ear Piercings: +ROZOREGALIA+*NORNIR*Unisex PIERCE2[Type1]R
Belt: !ReToX! Studded Belt Black and White
Bracelet:!Retox! Braclet Set B&W (L)
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops