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Sunny Day, FLF

It’s Friday Friday which means it’s  FLF. This week there are a few items for the guys out.

The first thing is this shirt from Nanuk, it comes in blue or this grey color each for 50 Linden. Fir&Mna also offers these unisex glasses and bracelet. When you buy the Bracelet you get it in three color options.

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You know what kinda annoys me? When people go “Ew why are you wearing a sweater, it’s spring” I’ll tell you why Mr/Ms nosie. It’s cold still. I know understand where winter ends and spring starts. I never got how people figured that out. So what a little animal saw it’s shadow and that means spring is over? I call bull shit. BUUULLL SHIT.

This morning when I was getting ready do go to school I put on normal hoodie, it’s pretty thick and keeps me warm, kinda. I take the bus to school and on my way to the bust stop the wind started kicking in. I thought to myself “Gee, I have to wait for almost an hour for this bus, wait for the metro (a metro is kinda like a subway) and wait for another bus. I better go put something warm on.” So I did I ran home, run up stairs (almost tripped) and grabbed a sweater and put it on. MmM Warmth. But BUT when it took off my hoodie in my class some annoying thing. This thing that is always warm gave me a look and said in a snooty voice “Eeer, Why are you wearing a sweater?!” Because it’s cold!

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CheerNo has a new male skin out at Skin Fair. It is a sexy skin with hair options for almost anyone.

Looking at the last CheerNo skin review I did. Reese and Brent look completely different from one another. While Brent has a smoother face, Reese has a sexy chin dimple that made me swoon.

I also want to point out the hairs in the picture above (except for the one on the left) are new from CheerNo as well. These can be found at CheerNo’s mainstore.

<more Bellow>

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Plum, it’s a fruit, a name of someone in the boardgame  Clue, and it’s a color.  It’s also one of the colors Luna challenged us with.

I had a few items named “Plum” in my inventory and because I didn’t want to go too crazy and where all plum I picked three items. The first would be this coat from Fir & Mna. If you read my first and only Friday Favorites you know I am a huge fan of their store. The shirt vest combo was also named Plum, which I find kinda amazing. To me it’s more of a pink than a plum, but hey what ever. The last “Plum” item would be the eyes.

<there is always more bellow>

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Friday Favorites: Bare Necessities

So, I am doing something new with my Blog. Every Friday I am going to do a blog post of some of my favorite items in Secondlife. This week I am show casing my five favorite basic clothing items. These items I use A LOT in my blog post, or they are my go to items when I get dressed.

The first item comes from This is A Fawn. Above  It’s a very nice store with a few great mens items. HOWEVER none of them come close to her Deep V-tees. I bought this shirt, in a fat pack, over a year ago and I have used them in countless of blog post. Today I am showing the lilac color. However I would recommended buying the fat pack.

<more bellow>

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I shared this on plurk but I don’t think I ever blogged it. But when you change your skin, hair and build an avatar different than your normal look, do you give that avatar a name? I do. I thought instead of doing normal look of the day looks I will show off some of my alter egos as well. Here is the newest, Axel.

Axel is my little punk/goth avatar. Normally I never wear piercings because they tend to look awkward on my avatar. But on Axel they look kinda good.

<WTF Alter egos this BEEEEP is crazy>


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He walks the streets one11

Before I start. I would like to thank the staff and designers who took part of the one11event. For those you don’t know, one11 is a fashion event. A landmark can be found here —–> I is a landmark. Here are a few things I love.

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