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You know that deep V neck shirt I like and use so much from This is a Fawn. Well I am using it again in this look. But that’s not the story. Here is the story. I am still doing Luna’s color thing and todays color is Emerald. So I go ahead and search it and a few things came up, Some elf suit from Bare Rose, Suspender socks, and suspenders from Pig and an Emerald deep V neck from This is a Fawn.

So I think “Oh great let me wear it.” and go to put it on. Who ever I run into a little issue.


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Baby it’s cold outside

Winter is just around the corner which means more clothing and colder weather. Some people have snow already (lucky people). He is a more winter look for you. Now SLink, the store know for making prim body parts, just released prim teeth. At L$ 250 they are worth the price even if you just use them for pictures. Now what I like about the SLink Teeth is that she gave you the alpha texture so if you have to you can add it to an already existing alpha layer.

Oh Josh skin from Kento how I love thee. If I wasn’t trying to have a modeling career in SL I would wear thee for ever. But alas it’s not ment to be. To add a “I been outside and can’t feel my face” look, I also am using 2.0 layer from L.Fauna called Ruddy Nose. It adds a SLIGHT pinkness to the nose.

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He Shops to Much

It’s FLF time again.  Like most weeks, there aren’t many things for men. But none the less. This is what I came up with.

The scarf in this look is from Miel. While I think it is usable, you can tell it was made for the ladies on how the sculpt fits around the “boobie” area. It kinda puckers out. However, with the 50L price and the eight color options I think it’s worth the buy. And truth be told, you really can’t tell that much

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Keeping Warm

Huge thank you to naith Smit of NSD for sending me that Jackets and the scarf used in this blog.  With winter coming everyone could use a good jacket.

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