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Sunny day

I got asked to blog for Culture Shock 2011. Instead of explaining what it is I will link the blog here.  I will explain that in each store there are donation items which go to the charity, look for the D in the credits. The items with D in the credits are part of the event and won’t be open to the public until May 1st

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Blog Quicky, Another Sacred Skin

About two keeps ago, I did a post for the a Sacred group gift. Well Sacred is at it again with another skin gift. This one being Andrew.

Andrew is a preview of Sacred’s soon to be ginger skin. He comes with a bloody nose so it may not be for everyone.

However, if you want a preview of the ginger skin, or if you don’t mind bloody noses, the fee of 100L$ is way worth the price.

Other Credits:

Hair: TRUTH ~Drake ~ carrot

Eyes: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – melancholy


Quick quick

So, with all the female skin makers out there. It is Common for the ladies to go months and months not buying a new skin and just using group gifts. Well Sacred, a newer skin maker, just released a group gift. The Group fee to join is just 100 L$, the gift is way worth that small price.

You only get the skin in one tone/one face.

It also doesn’t come with a hair base.

Other Credits:

Hair: Shag ~ Dogs Of Lust – toffee

Eyes: CheerNo ~Expression Green

Jeans: Muism ~ Kirk jeans/Black_Dirt

Poses: LAP