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The Black knight

I made up my mind and on Gabieglam, it is corset week. This is one of my newer corsets, I got it just yesterday.

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I normally don’t share where I take my pictures for my blogs. Honestly, normally, I take them at my house or home sim and I am not sure how my neighbor will feel if random people tp in to take pictures. But, the place I took my blog pictures today was so amazing and pretty I had to share.

The new Exodi & WoE, homes of the Exodi and WoE main stores (go figure) feels like a desert or a small farming town. It’s a great place to take pictures and to shop.

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I shared this on plurk but I don’t think I ever blogged it. But when you change your skin, hair and build an avatar different than your normal look, do you give that avatar a name? I do. I thought instead of doing normal look of the day looks I will show off some of my alter egos as well. Here is the newest, Axel.

Axel is my little punk/goth avatar. Normally I never wear piercings because they tend to look awkward on my avatar. But on Axel they look kinda good.

<WTF Alter egos this BEEEEP is crazy>


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He’s not a christiaaaaan!

Once again it’s time for another one of Berry’s blog challenge. Today she asked us “What do you believe in?”. She said it doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual. But mine is.

While I will give credits to the thing I used in the picture above this is less of a fashion post and more of my views on things.

<Oh no what is  Gabe Going to say>

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The Scremo Kid

Before Lady Gaga was singing Ra-Ra-Ra-Ah-Ah. There was scremo, a more violent form of emo music. Instead of Ra-Ra-Raing, the lead “singer” would just scream. This took hold of an plain old emo kind and turned him into something…. Dark, a Scremo kid.

Unlike the mind manner emo kid. Scremo’s have thicker make up making them look almost like raccoons. Add in a odd fixation with death and blood and then you are done >

Skin: &Bean – Closer Pale Panda
Eyes: Aitui – Mirage Eyes – Crystal Shores – Veins
Hair: Aitui – Hair – My Agenda – Mullato

Shirt: fourARSENIC – Torn Again
Jeans: EQUILIBRIUM Prime – EQ – preto

Face piercings: – .HoD. – Flush (w/Shadows) – Male – Silver
Ear Piercings: +ROZOREGALIA+*NORNIR*Unisex PIERCE2[Type1]R
Belt: !ReToX! Studded Belt Black and White
Bracelet:!Retox! Braclet Set B&W (L)
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops